DMG MORI has officially signed agreement with Pinghu Economic-technological Development Zone on 26 Apr, and brings strong momentum to the upgrading of intelligent equipment manufacturing industry in Pinghu.

DMG MORI is world’s TOP CNC machine tool manufacturer with the most diverse machine tools. CNC turning center, milling center, advanced processing technology, software solution and automation system can be provided for key industries such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, semiconductor, medical equipment and mold manufacturing. Currently, there are 157 sales and service outlets and 21 factories worldwide with over 12,000 employees.

With a total investment of USD 100 million, DMG MORI will build a world-class modern factory with a high degree of automation and full-process digitization, which will mainly produce 5-axis milling machining centers. The workshop is planned to be put into production at the end of 2022, with an annual output of 2,200 machine tools. When output reaches designed capacity, the annual sale is expected to exceed 4 billion Yuan.

DMG MORI also signed a cooperation agreement with Pinghu Technician College to jointly build the DMG MORI Certification Training Center and train highly skilled technicians for manufacturers.

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