International personnel service


Our Service: Why we find the most suitable offers for you

  1. We source the best offer with our partners based in Poland, Romania, or Germany, depending on the sectors required and the number of workers.
  2. Throughout your whole journey you will have one contact person to guide and support you through the process.
  3. We have over 2000 workers in our database ready to be deployed for work contracts or temporary work contracts.
  4. All our workers can speak German and generally come with quality equipment, depending on the contract.

We can provide qualified employees for the following industries:

Pipeline construction, steel construction, industrial assembly
Marking and equipment of various commercial objects
scaffolding with material delivery
welding, steel construction, pipeline construction

Work contract or employee leasing

With the two forms of contract for work and services and temporary staffing, you have two options for employing external staff in your company. In contrast to temporary workers, you can use temporary workers to cover short-term order peaks or manage seasonal fluctuations. Contracts for work and services, for example, are often used to outsource entire production steps to subcontractors. Unfortunately, although these two forms of work are fundamentally different, they are often used as synonyms.

Work contract

The contract for work is an excellent solution to optimize the production of your company and a perfect resource to achieve your goals.

With a contract for work and services, you thus have the opportunity to gain additional resources and employees for your company without having to worry about the organizational issues. Contracts for work and services enable us to perform complex tasks on the basis of a pre-formulated agreement.

Whether the creation or modification of a trade or the provision of a service: On the basis of a concretely named order volume, we implement your projects within the framework of contracts for work and services. Your requirements and goals are decisive.

Your advantages at a glance

Planning reliability through the concrete implementation of defined services at agreed contract conditions

Focus on your core business

Project duration unlimited in time

Reliable execution of your defined task packages

Employee leasing

We offer immediate assistance in case of staffing problems or economic changes to support you in the implementation of your projects. On a project basis, we offer you our expertise in employee leasing for various industries.

As an employer, we know that the advantages of temporary staffing are clear, because temporary employment allows for chances of success and adherence to deadlines. We help companies stay flexible and respond quickly to various economic challenges. These can arise as a result of economic or seasonal fluctuations in orders, but also as a result of vacation and sickness replacements, as well as restructuring and reorganization of the company.

Temporary staffing enables you to plan your workforce both flexibly and securely: by using our provided employees, you can expand your existing teams in a targeted and demand-oriented manner. On the basis of the employee leasing contract, they enrich your projects with teamwork, reliability and expertise

Your advantages at a glance

Flexibility in personnel planning

Time and cost savings in personnel recruitment

Security through confidentiality regulations

Personnel request

In order to find the right personnel and company, we ask you to fill out a contact form. The form will enable us to contact you and find the appropriate partners for you. We are looking forward to your contact request.

Our business model is straightforward. We focus on the interests of our customers and support the customer along the way to meet deadlines and service requirements to achieve the company’s end goal. Our quotation process consists of the three simple steps below.

For the first step we need all relevant information about the project and the required personnel.

If you would like to learn more, or receive a quote on any of the services we currently offer, please contact us using the contact form.