Dipankar Ganguly Resume


Dipankar Ganguly

With roots connected deep within aristocratic India. Son of Shri. Durlav Chandra Ganguly & Great-great grandson of Rishi Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, making me a rooted Indian Bengali with contemporary train of thoughts.

Road taken

By yours truly

A tenacious individual, son of a government official, I started working with Artworks Exports Kolkata at 18 years. Paid my way to a college education and with $20 in my pocket reached Germany to further my specialised graduation.

Worked my way to pay college and accommodation expenses at a local furniture godown in Aachen district in Germany, then moved to a garment company, which laid the foundation of my 1st entrepreneurial venture in 1982 earning German nationality in the year 1987.

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