Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade

Integrated in the insurance broker group Milkereit & Co., NETZWERK AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT draws on a network of specialists from banks and insurance companies, lawyers, tax consultants, relocation services, etc., built up over more than 30 years. Netzwerk Aussenwirtschaft is the representative of the BWA Bundesverband für Wirtschaftsförderung und Außenwirtschaft (Berlin) in the Rhineland.

The BWA represents a large number of large and medium-sized companies with a foreign trade orientation and offers its members a variety of special services. The special services include not only the many contacts within the network, but also the BWA’s special relationships with embassies and diplomats in Berlin. The BWA offers its members, for example, regular embassy meetings where members can establish contacts with business diplomats worldwide. Further information about the services of the association can be found here.

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As a network of entrepreneurs, we have made it our first task to create a business climate for our members and partners that is focused on sustainability. On this basis, we offer our members a significant improvement in ethical and business development. Based on our values, we build bridges to good business.

To this end, those responsible in the BWA work internationally and locally in the regions of Germany. The strength of our association’s work lies in the fact that experienced experts personally attend to the concerns of our members. Of course, economic aspects are in the foreground for entrepreneurs, but secured investments at home and abroad and political framework conditions also determine success. The association’s assistance through long-term activities in the skilled labor and education sectors is also important.

The association has set up commissions for all these tasks. In these commissions, members work together with experts to ensure that significant aspects of content are also advanced.

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As we are representatives of the BWA in the Rhineland, we can help you with the membership process and connect you directly with important people within the network. For more information about a membership or even other topics, please create an inquiry.